Vilnius Royal Afternoon Tea I Augustas and Barbora ‘LOVE STORY CAFE’ - Slapta meilė

Vilnius Royal Afternoon Tea I Augustas and Barbora ‘LOVE STORY CAFE’

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    When Thomas the Italian worked at the manor house of Grand Duke Sigismund II Augustus in the mid-16th century, he took special care of wines, spices, tablecloths, tableware and Venetian glassware.

    During Sigismund II Augustus’ reign, the range of food available in the manor house expanded greatly as was shown in the court accounts from 1543-1548. The kitchen was stocked with lemons, olives, capers, cheeses and sweets.

    As Sigismund’s mother, Queen Bona Sforza, came from the Italian family of the Sforza Duchy of Milan, neither in Kraków nor in Vilnius did she use chefs of Italian origin. It was during her time that Italian culinary trends arrived in our country, therefore the use of vegetables and spices began to increase.

    When the Grand Duke Sigismund, King of Poland, fell in love and secretly married Barbara Radvilaitė, the most well-known Lithuanian noblewoman of all time, they always loved to eat together, enjoying one another’s company. After a dramatic series of events, Sigismund II Augustus, who had already become king, managed to convince the nobility to recognise Barbara as his lawful wife and crown her. Whilst residing in the royal manor, Sigismund would often go to his beloved Queen’s room to enjoy breakfast with her.

    Barbara Radziwiłł‘s favourite foods were soft fresh cheeses, low-fat meats and a variety of sweets. The royal manor was famous for its Italian-style cooking. There were freshly baked buns and an abundance of vegetables and snacks prepared on a daily basis.

    Vilnius Royal Afternoon Tea at the Augustas & Barbora ‘Love Story Cafe’ – a romantic memory of the influence that the Italian cuisine had on the food culture of Vilnius.


    • Dessert ‘Barbora’ – citrus mousse served with a raspberry, strawberry and orange cream with a crunchy filling and plump cream.
    • Dessert ‘Augustus’ – crispy biscuit, caramel mascarpone cream, crunchy filling and flat cream.
    • Mini macaroons, fresh fruit and berries.
    • Toasted bread with parsley, Greek sauce with goat’s cheese spread and roasted tomatoes.
    • Mini sandwich assortment with serrano ham, salad and sun-dried tomato spread.
    • Cream cheese with pineapple, hard cheese and green olives.
    • Natural burrata cheese with homemade basil, natural olive oil sauce, wheat bread and beetroot.
    • Drinks : optional – rose lemonade or coffee (can be a rose latte) / tea.

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