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Royal Interactive Dinner I Culinary Studio ‘2 VIRĖJAI’

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    Royal Interactive Dinner

    The famous, dramatic and romantic love story of Barbara Radziwiłł and Sigismund Augustus simply cannot be forgotten. Every Lithuanian knows about it – city guides, books and even theater performances tell about it. What was the stunning Barbara like? What kind of food did she enjoy eating?

    Thanks to Sigismund’s mother, Queen Bona Sforza, King Sigismund II Augustus grew up surrounded by Italian food culture which had a strong influence on the food which we eat today. These foods include olive oil, cheeses, exotic fruits and spices.

    In the 16th century, Bona Sforza began to cultivate beds of various new plants in Kraków, near to Wawel Royal Castle, and in Vilnius, introducing Lithuania to innovations such as sage, parsley, leeks, celery, cucumbers, cauliflowers, green beans and broccoli.

    Today, food is part of a culture that can tell a story. We have the ability to interpret recipes favoured by Queen Barbara herself, as we can find ingredients that were a luxury in the 16th century in a shop just a few metres away. Now, more than ever, food can act as a bridge through time, linking the historical cuisine of Queen Barbara Radziwiłł with the modern gastronomic world.

    The Royal Interactive Dinner invites you to take a flexible and modern look at what Barbara Radziwiłł liked to eat at that time, to find out which ingredients we can no longer imagine cooking without that came to Lithuania from Italy at the end of the Middle Ages, to learning how to make a royal dinner in Renaissance Vilnius, tasting the combinations of flavours in the dishes favoured by Barbara and Sigismund Augustus and to learn about the use of Lithuanian ingredients in the production of food in order to support local businesses.

    Royal Interactive Dinner menu:

    Homemade focaccia bread with roast duck, orange, pepper dressing and Lithuanian salad 

    It is no coincidence that one of Italy’s most popular breads, the salty Focaccia with Adriatic crystals, was chosen for this recipe. King Sigismund II Augustus’s preferred dish of choice with Lithuanian duck, a favourite of the nobility at the time, and oranges, adored by Barbara Radziwiłł.

    Slow-cooked poached salmon with fried kohlrabi, parsnip purée and homemade butter-white apple wine sauce

    In addition to citrus fruits, which were hard to come by in those days, Barbara Radziwiłł was very fond of fish such as salmon or pike. Vegetables often found on the plates of the court were parsnips and turnips. Homemade wine was served with meals both in the morning and evening. Due to the colder climate in Lithuania, local wine has always been made from fruit and berries. Apple wine provides the dish with a distinctive flavour.

    Cheesecakes with oranges, mead sauce, dark chocolate chips and salt

    A dessert combining some of Barbara Radziwiłł’s favourite foods: curd, orange and dark chocolate. They all come together in a sweet dish of fluffy cheesecakes flavoured with Lithuanian mead sauce and a truly royal touch – sea salt crystals.

    Number of participants: 5-6 participants (minimum 5, maximum 6)

    Session time: 2 – 2.5 hours

    Dinner reservations are accepted on Wednesdays from 18:00 pm.

    Location: ‘2 Virėjai’ Culinary Studio, Šiaulių g. 5-7, 01133, Vilnius

    If a notice of non-attendance is provided less than 48 hours before the session, 50% of the purchase price of the dinner will be refunded.

    Non-attendance is non-refundable if notified less than 24 hours before the session.

    With a gift voucher and notice of absence less than 48 hours before the session, the voucher will be considered used.

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