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Royal Dessert – “Secret Love” I Restaurant ‘DOM16’

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    Vilnius is widely known for its famous, romantic and dramatic Royal Love Story. When the Grand Duke Sigismund II Augustus, Prince of Poland, fell in love and secretly married a young, charismatic widow known as Countess Barbara Radziwiłł, they often loved to eat together, frequently enjoying one another’s company.

    After a dramatic series of events, Sigismund II Augustus, who had already become king, managed to convince the nobility to recognise Barbara as his lawful wife and crown her. Whilst residing in the royal manor, Sigismund would often go to his beloved Queen’s room to enjoy breakfast with her.

    Barbara Radziwiłł‘s favourite foods were soft fresh cheeses, low-fat meats and a variety of sweets. The royal manor was famous for its Italian-style cooking. There were freshly baked buns and an abundance of vegetables and snacks prepared on a daily basis.

    Gingerbread and pears were the preferred sweet treats of Barbara, Queen of Poland. This particular fact inspired the chef at DOM16 restaurant to create this dessert dedicated to Barbara herself.

    Royal Dessert – “Secret Love” I honey, lemon and white chocolate cheesecake served with cardamom flavoured pears.

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