Goblet of Sigismund Augustus

57 €
  • Description

    After a secret marriage, Sigismund Augustus was preparing to leave Vilnius for half a year to coordinate the legalization of marriage with Polish nobles. Leaving Barbara in the care of trusted subordinates, he commissioned the production of a special set of clear glassware to be kept in a box reserved for them, from which the key was allways with a faithful servant. The dishes were only for Barbara’s food and drink, protecting her from poison attempts.

    The two glasses created for the new romantic design collection “Secret Love” are a collaboration between the glass artist Remigijus Kriukas and the author of the project idea, artist Julia Janus.

    Handmade goblets of original design by artist Algė Julija. One goblet represents the historical legacy of Barbora Radvilaitė and the other the historical legacy of her beloved Sigismund Augustus.

    These goblets are designed for the best aesthetic & olfactory experience and an exquisite taste to your drink. The hollow stem and thick glass walls keeps the liquid at the right temperature for the aroma to open up and gather in a cup. That is why they are suitable not only for special moments but as well for degustation.

  • Size

    Max capacity: 320 ml

    We recommend: 250 ml for the best odour/taste

    Top Diameter: 70 mm

    Height: 17 mm