Black recycled cotton tote bag "Barbara Radziwill and Sigismund Augustas" - Slapta meilė

Black recycled cotton tote bag “Barbara Radziwill and Sigismund Augustas”

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  • Description

    Collaboration of Julia Janus collection „Secret Love“ and ART-ON.

    A full-length portrait of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radziwiłł by Miglė Kosinskaitė, one of the most famous contemporary Lithuanian painters is used for tote bag print.

    While painting the picture, Miglė imagined the scene when Sigismund Augustus, overlooking the fear of his mother, who did not want to acknowledge Barbara as his wife, while the whole court and the nobles were also against them, introduces to the public his chosen one, the woman he loves and the queen-to-be. Therefore, Miglė’s painting of Žygimantas is confident, determined and shows that the final decision is his alone. Barbora is as if she is already a winner, but she is still a bit scared because everyone is against her.

    This is a pre-order item. Tote bags are only made to order. Order fulfillment term up to 2 weeks.

    Composition: 80% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester. The weight of material 300 g.

    Wash inside out 30°C;
    Do not tumble dry;
    Iron inside out;
    Do not iron on print.

    Width 49 cm.
    Length 37 cm.
    Length of the handles 70 cm.