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Time. Wisdom. Prestige. Welcome to the hotel with rich history. Welcome to Stikliai.

Restaurant LOKYS

Restaurant LOKYS is the oldest family-owned restaurant in Vilnius. Opened back in 1972, it specializes in historical traditional Lithuanian cuisine. It guides its guests through the history of local cuisine and offers Lithuanian dishes with reference to a certain century and related historical facts.

Bokšto SPA

Escape to Bokšto SPA, a serene day spa located in Vilnius’s charming Old Town, and treat yourself to a perfect moment of relaxation and tranquillity.

Nick & Nora

“Nick & Nora – the first cocktail bar in Lithuania that combines modern cocktails with truly Lithuanian flavors. The cocktail bar atmosphere was inspired by the famous American movie “The Thin Man” and its main characters – the detective duo Nick and Nora Charles who never missed an opportunity to enjoy a glass of their favorite drinks.

Here you can hear the tunes of the early 20th century, enjoy drinks mixed by experienced bartenders as well as enjoy classic and modern cocktails with unique flavors. Lithuanian quince, tangy pears, birch sap, honey and buckthorn – all go perfectly well with your beloved classic cocktails and give them an unexpected twist.”

Confectionery factory RŪTA

The family business that has been operating for more than a century is now managed by the great-grandchildren of the founder Antanas Gricevičius. It is where legendary flavors and surprises are created through experienced craftsmanship.

“RIBAS Jewellery”

The story of “RIBAS Jewellery” is created by the Ribas family, whose main desire and goal is to make diamonds accessible to everyone. The company’s history began in Israel in 2002, when the first Ribas Jewellery company was founded in Tel Aviv.

VAGA Publishers

Founded in 1945 in Kaunas as the State Publishing House of Fiction, VAGA is the oldest fiction publishing house in Lithuania, which has brought many Lithuanian authors into the literary arena, presented the world’s most valuable works of literature in the Lithuanian language, and has brought together the most
distinguished authors, translators, editors and artists.

DecoFlux Home

In the most bohemian part of Vilnius (Lithuania), the tiniest republic in the world – Užupis – many artistic ideas are born every day, which turn into works and things that are precious to people. DecoFlux Home, a textile house with a unique design, is also located here – a creative workshop that pays endless attention to detail, color combinations, materials and every stitch to create authentic textiles that envelop people with romantic energy and decorate their homes.

LUXART is an authorised gallery of paintings and quality reproductions. These are the highest quality prints on the finest canvas.


ARTON is a family project. The company provides quality printing services on a wide range of garments.

Remigijus Kriukas

Glasremis, an art glass studio in it’s second decade of existence, started its activity in 2000. The founder – Remigijus Kriukas – is a well-known artist not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole world, since 1985 actively participating in international glass art symposiums and exhibitions.

Let‘s meet – we are Martynas & Agne, husband and wife of simply „2 Virėjai“.

From the day we met we knew that we are the best team in the kitchen. Little by little our food
journey started and expanded to family business. Food for us is not only big part of our lives but also a culture, new experiences and passion we can‘t get enough. Even our engagement took place in the kitchen! So now it’s more than three years how we live day by day between boiling pots and hot pans.

In our small gastronomic studio we not only make lunch or have brunch on weekends. Here we offer an opportunity to participate in cozy and tasty interactive dinner experience and learn how to cook restaurant quality dishes at home. Our mission here is simple – to help people feel more relaxed and enjoy or even fall inlove with cooking.”