About the Cultural Start-Up “Secret Love”.

In 2018, when Vilnius was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Romantic Europe route, artist and designer Julia Janus started creating the cultural start-up “Secret Love”. The project was inspired by the love story of the Grand Duke of Lithuania, King Sigismund Augustus of Poland, and the Grand Duchess of Lithuania, Queen Barbara Radziwill of Poland – the most mysterious, sexiest part of Vilnius history, attracting artists and creators for more than 500 years.

2019 Painter Miglė Kosinskaitė painted a full-length portrait of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė, which became the code for marking the cultural start-up “Secret Love”.

2020 Julia Janus created an audio guide inviting you to rediscover the places in Vilnius related to the love story of the famous couple. During the two-hour walk, you will be accompanied by a narration on behalf of Barbora Radvilaitė.

2022 A collection of gifts and design objects “Secret Love” was created. Inspired by the extraordinary courage of lovers, which influenced not only the decisions of the surrounding countries, but also the culture. The key word in the collection is CODE, which allows you to touch history, give it a new form, transcode it into the design language of the modern world. This collection is a code of the modern romantic design direction of Vilnius, reborn in works of design and art.

2022 An open cooperation platform www.slaptameile.lt has been created, bringing together design creators and manufacturers who want to create modern design objects and exclusive gifts based on the love story of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwill. Want to join our community? Contact us!

This is not the end, wait ,it will continue ….